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By booking with us and sending your flowers you have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions as stated here.

A)   You as our customer give consent to allow Blooming Keepsake to preserve and design your flowers in whichever way we feel best fit, using our expert knowledge and discretion based on the selection of flowers provided to us by you.

B)   We take the utmost care and pride when preserving each and every flower, but as your flowers need to be 100% dry before being encapsulated they go through a lengthy preservation process to dry and preserve them, this will mean that the colour and texture will change. ​

It should always be expected to see changes to your flowers as they go through the preservation process as each and every flower reacts differently. A variation in form can always be expected. This should be fully understood before proceeding with your order.

C)   A deposit is required to secure your booking. Once paid, 25% of your deposit is non-refundable, unless your flowers are lost in transit or arrive in an unsalvageable condition, in which we will advise you and arrange a full refund.​

D)   It is the customers responsibility to ensure that their flowers reach our studio in the best condition possible and to follow our postal guide. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your flowers whilst they are in transit to us via a third party. 

E)   If you feel strongly that you would like a certain flower/s from your bouquet or spray enclosed please let us know first and we will discuss with you if it is possible or not. 

F)  Please keep in mind these items are 100% handmade. We always strive to make each keepsake as perfect as possible but due to the delicate nature of our medium it is important to understand there may be imperfections such as; but not limited to, air bubbles, transparency of petals, slight change of colour an texture, loose particles and a small transparent line or lines through the center or sides of your keepsake from production. The preservation of your flowers involves many handmade processes and although every effort is made to make these perfect, imperfections can and do occur. 

G)   Any flowers/personal items which have been encapsulated cannot be removed from the Keepsake.

H)   It is at the designer’s discretion as to which flowers and foliage we deem most suitable for your chosen keepsake. Please note that King Proteas and some proteas/peonies/natives/orchids in general cannot be encapsulated in our smaller keepsakes as they simply do not fit. Ask us what size would be suit if you're unsure.

  • - We do not send images of your flowers throughout the preservation process as no photographs are permitted to be taken within our humidity controlled environment due to the risk of UV Light and Moisture re entering. The final selection of flowers used will be at our designers discretion.

I)   Any extra or remaining flowers that were not used in preservation will be disposed of without prior notice to the client. We do not return any unused flowers, items or containers. 

We choose the best flowers from your bouquet to encapsulate and leave out those that don’t preserve as well as the others.

J)   Due to the demand and expertise of our work we cannot guarantee a delivery date, this is estimated until your keepsake has been cast and is ready to be returned.

K)   We preserve all flowers to the best of our abilities, but do not take responsibility for any poor results due to the flowers being previously damaged, coloured, sprayed or not cared for. We do not take responsibility for any chemicals, colours and sprays that may have been used by your florists prior to your event.

L)   Your flowers and items that have been accepted and preserved will remain the property of Blooming Keepsakes, until they are paid for in full. Your order will not be dispatched until all monies due clear our bank.

M)   In the unlikely event of disaster, Blooming Keepsakes cannot be held responsible for the loss/damage of your flowers whilst in our care due to unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control such as, but not limited to, fire, storm, loss of electricity, flood, mechanical failure or any other event beyond our control. Please note that Blooming Keepsakes liability is strictly limited to the amount of money that you have paid and no further compensation would be offered in these circumstances.

N)   If your remaining invoice is not finalised within 5 weeks of it being issued to you, and without prior financial arrangement's with us, we have the right to cancel your order and dispose of your flowers and items.  

O)   Blooming Keepsakes take no responsibility for how you the customer chooses to take care and look after your keepsake once it has left our studio. Proper care as stated in our FAQ'S & Care Cards are required to maintain your keepsake at its best. Like all artwork, your keepsake will slightly amber over time but by following our care instructions, this will help to delay this process.

P)   Blooming Keepsakes reserves the right to include and add any extras to your keepsake, including but not limited to extra foliage, company logo, ribbon or any other minor items which we feel will enhance your keepsake.  


Two Part Payment - A 50% down payment is required to secure your booking and can be made direct through our website. The Final 50% balance is not due until 1-2 months before we are ready to post your keepsakes home to you. We will contact you via email on the email address you provided in your booking to arrange final payment. 

If you would like to finalise your balance sooner, please get in contact with us and this can be arranged.  ​

Pay In full- If you choose to pay for your order in full, please note your order can be changed all the way up until we recieve your flowers at the studio. Your order then cannot be changed or refunded unless otherwise stated ( see section C)  

4 Interest Free Payments- Your first 25% payment is due upon booking. Your remaining balance will be issued in parts via invoice and set fortnightly until paid in full. 



Q)   Blooming Keepsakes do not offer refunds, as all orders placed are unique and handmade to suit each customer. 


R)   We do not accept change of mind refunds however if for some unknown reason your flowers arrive to us in an unsalvageable condition, we will contact you to arrange the best way forward, whether that be refunding your deposit or replacing your flowers with new flowers or other ones from your bouquet. 


S)   In the unlikely event that an incorrect order has been dispatched to you, we will endeavor to correct the error by investigating where your keepsake has been sent and if we cannot find it we will re-create your keepake using the remaining flowers which are stored in our Holding Chambers. The client will be required to return the keepsake in the same condition and packaging as the order has been received, the new design will then be created.  

T)   Once your keepsake is complete you are not entitled to a refund if you are dissatisfied with the colour or texture of your flowers which is a normal result of flower preservation as set out and stated in our Terms and Conditions. This should be fully understood before proceeding with your order.


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