120mm Flower Orb

120mm Flower Orb


We add as many of your flowers and foliage as possible into this size orb to re-capture the beauty of your bouquet.

Our most popular Orb. The 120mm is truly exquisite and shows off your delicate blooms and foliage beautifully. An absolutely captivating size not found anywhere else in Australia that will enhance your precious memories for a lifetime to come. 



Flower Sizes!! To fit into our 120mm Orb flowers must be less than 10cm in height.

We cannot encapsulate extra large flowers within this size orb as they will not fit. If necessary we may carefully reduce your flower down in size by removing some outside petals.

We do not encapsulate whole King Proteas or large pink ice/white proteas and suggest you keep these to enjoy yourself after your big day. If requested we can use parts of these flowers such as the King Proteas base.


We will design a stunning keepsake for you from the assorted flowers that you choose to send to us, the final choice of flowers that will be encapsulated will be made at the designers discretion based on what will preserve the best from your array and based on your chosen size orb. 

  • Once completed, your finished keepsake will be approximately 12cm in diameter. 
  • The images displayed here are a guide only and show some of our previous designed keepsakes. 
  • As we only take a very limited number of orders each week a $150 deposit per orb is required at the time of all flower preservation & will be deducted from the final price.  Your booking date is not confirmed until the deposit has been received. 
  • Please note that King Proteas and some proteas in general cannot be encapsulated unless they are smaller than 10cm in height as they simply do not fit. 
  • By booking with us you agree to our Terms & Conditions as stated on our website.

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