The most captivating and unique form of flower preservation on the market today. Our everlasting, handmade, solid orbs encapsulate your precious memories in 3D form to last you a lifetime. 

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We cant wait to preserve part of your love story

Each & every flower that arrives at Blooming Keepsakes is individually cataloged, photographed, re-hydrated, colour matched and analysed before being gently frozen to below freezing temperatures. What follows is a series of over 40 individual steps and processes, all done by hand, before finally being encapsulated in a stunning crystal-clear orb, giving each bloom a new, forever lease on life. 

Quality Guaranteed

Proudly recognised Australia wide for our high quality, exquisite keepsakes, each and every one of our clients items are finished to the highest standard, meaning there are no unfinished edges, minimal( if any) flower burn/translucent petals and no colour fading of your flowers in the years to come.

We are meticulous in our standard of work and this means you will have a stunning keepsake to admire forever.


Specialising in Custom Flower Bouquet Preservation


Handcrafted floral tributes - funerals and ceremonies


Whether it's flowers from your Grandmas's garden or a special someone, lets us preserve it for a lifetime to enjoy  


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Our Preservation Process..

At Blooming Keepsakes we use a mix of different preservation techniques but our leading difference is an  advanced preservation technique called "Freeze Drying" which ensures for the best possible results available on the market today! Unlike most companies that only use one method of flower preservation, research has found that each and every flower preserves differently and so no “one process” is suitable, with a combined preservation process our clients are guaranteed the best possible results. Not only are your blooms Freeze Dried, they are also carefully treated against long term UV fading and discolouring.

The Importance of


The importance of choosing the right professional when thinking about having your flowers preserved is not something you should take lightly. This is something that is not talked about near enough or at all and with Resin Flower Preservation becoming one of the fasted growing industries worldwide, it is so important to understand and educate yourself on how to choose the right professional preservation company for you. 

We have had many upset brides contact us in the past asking if we can “Fix” their now preserved flowers that have been previously encapsulated in epoxy resin without proper UV care, as their keepsake is starting to yellow and their flowers starting to lose their colours altogether, this is because unfortunately, all epoxy resin is known to amber over a period of time, it is inevitable, just like all art, it will age, it could be 6 months, it could be 1 year or 5, but the fact is if extra steps are not taken to delay and prevent this in the preservation process you could find your stunning piece ageing much faster. Sadly, along with this, you may also notice your flowers will start to change and lose their bright, beautiful colours if they are not properly treated and protected prior to encapsulation. Once this happens, unfortunately nothing can be done to fix or correct it, that is why it is so incredibly important to educate yourself, choose a professional and discuss with your chosen preservation artist the longevity and extra steps that are taken to ensure your flowers are protected long term.  

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