The most captivating and unique form of flower preservation on the market today. Our everlasting, handmade, solid orbs encapsulate your precious memories in 3D form to last you a lifetime. 

Specialising in Flower Bouquet Preservation

Handcrafted floral tributes - funerals and ceremonies

Whether it's flowers from your Grandmas's garden or a special someone, lets us preserve it for a lifetime to enjoy  

Why Choose Us?

There are many different techniques and ways to preserve flowers, the most common being a sand like substance called; Silica Gel. At Blooming Keepsakes we use a mix of different techniques but our specialty is an  advanced preservation technique called "Dry Freezing" which ensures for the best possible results available on the market today! 


Blooming Keepsakes offers a completely unique, modern and extremely affordable approach to preserving your flowers forever. Each & every orb is hand-made and crafted for each individual client. No two orbs will ever be the same.

All our clients blooms are handled with the utmost care and respect.


Step One

1. Fill in our online booking form

We will then send you instructions on how to correctly post your blooms to us along with your deposit invoice. 

Step Two

2. Send your flowers

Ensure to follow our instructions guide correctly.

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Step Three

3. Flowers arrive at our studio & are rehydrated & checked

We will contact you via email once your flowers arrive and have been processed

Step Four

4. Your flowers start their preservation

Your flowers go through a slow & lengthy process before they are hand-crafted into a stunning flower orb. The preservation process can take anywhere from 20-24 weeks.

~ We can also preserve and encapsulate your artificial or dried flowers so that they can never deteriorate. Bouquet Replica is also quite popular if your bouquet has already died or is no longer in a good way, contact us to discuss any of these options further ~ 

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Dried Flowers


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