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What will you need

  • 1-2 Medium Plastic Containers OR - 1 cardboard box

  • Paper Towel

  • soft packing material

  • Cling Wrap /OR Alfoil

  • Sticky Tape /OR Rubber Bands

  • Insulated bag / OR similar

  • 1-2 Frozen Gel Packs


To ensure that your flowers remain cool, hydrated, and stable during transit, we recommend finding one or two medium-sized plastic containers or a sturdy cardboard box. You can easily find these at Kmart for around $2 or use a container you may have lying around.

Start by untying or cutting your bouquet apart and selecting the best flowers and foliage to send. We suggest sending your smaller, less open blooms, and don't forget to include lots of foliage too!

Once you've selected the best flowers and foliage to send, cut down the stems to leave approximately 5-7cm of stem on each one. Next, take a piece of paper towel or tissue and dampen it with water. You can wrap the damp paper towel around the bottom of each stem or do it in small bunches. Be sure not to completely soak the paper towel, only dampen it.

After wrapping the stems with the damp paper towel, secure it with a piece of cling wrap, foil, or a small plastic bag to prevent any leakage. Finally, tie it off with a rubber band or sticky tape. This will help to keep the flowers hydrated during shipping.




To ensure that your flowers are secure and cannot move around during transit, it's essential to fill the bottom and sides of your container with your chosen packing material, such as tissue paper, paper towel, soft cloth, or packing peanuts. This will create a cloud-like environment around your flowers, eliminating any negative space around them.

Once you've filled the sides, gently place your flowers or bunches into your container/s and fill any spaces with your leftover packing material. Then write your name and order number on or inside your containers and close the lid.


Next you need to keep your flowers cool during transit, you can place 1-2 frozen gel or instant ice packs into a zip lock bag and secure them with sticky tape to the outside of your container/s.

  • Important to Note- (If using a cardboard box- you can tape them to the insides or bottom of your box but ensure they cannot leak).

  • Avoid putting the ice packs inside your containers with your flowers as this could crush your blooms. If you have too place then inside, ensure they are secured to the sides of your container with sticky tape.

  • Do not use frozen water in a zip lock bag as your ice pack, it will defrost and ruin your flowers.

If possible- it is recommended to place your container with the frozen gel packs, inside an insulated bag, such as the ones from Coles, Aldi etc, or if this is not big enough, you can cut up these insulated bags and wrap them around your container/s.

You can also use an insulated lunch box if only sending us a few blooms.

Once your flowers are cool, secured and labelled with your booking name, place them into an express post bag or box. (5kg Express Post Pre Paid Satchels will cost $27.95 to post)

By following these steps, you can be confident that your flowers will arrive at our studio in excellent condition.



Once packaged correctly, we recommend express posting your blooms to us via Australia Post (Express) to our studio address below-

(copy exactly as displayed)


Shop  7,  3  Donaldson Street, Manunda, Cairns, QLD 4870

Phone: 0421 162 783


Always ask for a tracking number & insurance.

Once you have sent your flowers please email or text us your tracking number to

-  0421 162 783


Upon the arrival of your flowers at our studio, we will re-hydrate, prep, and process them to ensure that they are in excellent condition. After this, we will contact you to let you know that your flowers have arrived and to confirm any further details.

If you have not heard from us within two-three days of sending your blooms, please check your tracking number first to confirm that your flowers have been delivered. If they have, but you have not received a notification from us, please contact us immediately so that we can ensure there are no issues.


Any questions regarding packing and sending your flowers, you can contact us at or call us on  0421162783 and we will guide you through it. 

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