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What will you need

  • 1-2 Containers OR a postal box

  • Paper Towel (or soft packing material) 

  • Bubble Wrap


Find a plastic container or a box that is slightly larger than your bouquet OR two smaller containers (If you need to seperate your bouquet to make it fit; carefully untie/cut your bouquet apart and gently select the best flowers and foliage to send. If necassary cut down the stems slightly, but ensure you leave approximately 5-8cm of stem on each flower. 

You can use a container or box that you may have laying around or you can find one at your local post office! Kmart also have plastic containers from around $2.



Fill the bottom and sides of your box or container/s with the packing material of your choice (tissue paper, cloth or packing peanuts) to create a cloud type environment; you want to eliminate any negative space in your box/container so that your flowers dont move around to much during transit.


Once you have filled the sides gently lay your flowers or bouquet into the box and loosely cover/wrap the top of your flowers with tissue paper. 

Place your name and order number on or inside your container and close the lid.


Once packaged correctly, we recommend express posting your blooms to us via Australia Post (Express) to our studio address below-

BLOOMING KEEPSAKES - Flower Preservation Studio 

U7 / 3 Donaldson Street, Manunda, QLD 4870

Phone: 0421 162 783

Make sure you ask your local post office or courier the quickest and safest way to post your flowers to us and always ask for a tracking number.

Once you have sent your flowers please email or text us your tracking number.

Remember-  although your flowers are already dried, sending them off on the next available business day via express post is important as it will make sure that we receive them in a timely manner. This will eliminate the risk of the bouquet deteriorating further. Once we receive them, we will set them up in a controlled environment at the studio and begin their preservation.


We will contact you upon arrival of your flowers to our studio once they have been prepped and processed by our team.

​If you have not heard from us within two days of sending your blooms please check your tracking number first and then contact us.


Any questions regarding packing and sending your flowers, you can contact us at or call us on  0421162783

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