Items that you will need:



1-2 Sturdy Containers (such as a lunch box or plastic container (Kmart have containers for around $2)


Available from Coles/Chemist or Kmart).

Frozen gel packs last longer than water packs but either are fine.

Ensure they are frozen!


To create a pillow type environment for your blooms & provide a water source

Tape OR Rubber bands

To secure your damp paper towel to the stems of your blooms

insulated bag/box

A Polystyrene Esky or insulated groceries cooler bag like at Coles/Woolies/Aldi or lunch bag


  • Keep your flowers in a glass of water at any time possible.

  • After your event ensure to keep your flowers hydrated and in a cool, dark room until you can get them into the post.

  • Do not lay them down flat.

  • We strongly recommend you DO NOT Toss/Throw your bouquet that you are having preserved. Always take care when handling your flowers as they can bruise easily and will make your flowers a higher risk for translucence and bruising once encapsulated.

  • Do not put your flowers in the freezer. Flowers will have to be replaced if they have been frozen.


Step 1

Carefully untie/cut your bouquet apart and gently select the best flowers and foliage to send. Selecting your smaller blooms is recommended as we like to try and include as many as possible in your keepsakes. If necessary cut down the stems slightly, but ensure you leave approximately 5-10cm of stem on each flower.


Tip- The cheapest way to send your flowers is to purchase 1-2 pre-paid, Australia Post Express or Platinum Satchels, upto 5KG, and place your containers secure inside.  


Step 2

Fill the bottom and sides of your container/s with a good pillow of soft tissue paper or a soft cloth. Create a cloud type environment.

Step 3

Take some paper towel and dampen with water,

wrap the dampened paper towel around the bottom of each individual flower stem and cover the paper towel with cling wrap/ foil or a small plastic bag and secure the damp paper and plastic to the bottom of each of your flowers stems with a rubber band or tape. 

Step 4

Carefully place your flowers into your container/s. 

a.  Making sure not to over crowd each box.

b.  Ensure you have created a dry cushion type environment for them to travel in.

c.  Ensure they are secure for travel and cannot move around to much.

d.  Do not overcrowd your container, rather split the containers up to avoid squishing them in, the more room they have around each flower the less chance of bruising. If your flowers are pushed up against the side of your container they will get crushed and bruised in transit. Keep them tight but not squished.

Step 5

Place all your details inside your container and address it clearly to our address below. Australia Post parcel locker address or contact us for our courier address. Put some more soft tissue on top of your blooms and securely close your container/s.

Step 6

Once your containers are sealed, take your frozen ice packs out of your freezer and use some tape to secure them to the outside of your containers.  The more ice packs the better. Do not put the ice packs inside on top of your flowers! Then carefully place your containers inside your insulated bag/wrap.

Step 7

Once packaged correctly, we recommend express posting your blooms to us via Australia Post (Express) with extra cover or an overnight courier.

  1. Ensure you post your blooms before 2pm on Wednesday's if possible to ensure they arrive before the weekend.

  2. We do not recommend posting your flowers to us on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday as we will not receive them until the following week.

  3. Make sure you ask your local post office the quickest and safest way to post your flowers to us and always ask for a tracking number.

  4. Once you have sent your flowers please email or text us your tracking number. 

Tip Reminder- The cheapest way to send your flowers is to purchase 1-2 pre-paid, Australia Post Express or Platinum Satchels, upto 5KG, and place your containers inside. 


BLOOMING KEEPSAKES take no responsibility for your packed items up until they arrive at our studio.

Our instructions are meant as a guide only.


"Copy exactly as below"

Blooming Keepsakes

attn: Cachelle Davison

Parcel Locker 100 37 432 97
38 Sheridan Street

Phone: 0402286745


Please contact us for our street address first


We will contact you upon arrival of your flowers to our studio once they have been re-hydrated and processed by our team. If you have not heard from us within two days of sending your blooms please check your tracking number first and then contact us.

Any questions regarding packing and sending your flowers can be addressed to or call us on 0402286745 


We take the utmost care and pride when preserving each and every flower, but as your flowers need to be 100% dry before being encapsulated they go through a lengthy preservation process to dry and preserve them, this will mean that the colour and texture will change. It should always be expected to see some changes to your flowers as they go through the preservation process as each and every flower reacts differently.

As mentioned in our Terms & Conditions, each and every one of our keepsakes are handmade and the upmost care is taken to perfect each of our orders, but as these items are handmade we cannot take responsibility for any air bubbles, entrapment's or particles that may develop or become loose once your flowers have been encapsulated. For further detail on the above paragraph please read our Terms & Conditions.


  1. The best answer is as many as you can possibly spare but generally not your whole bouquet unless we are designing lots of keepsakes for you. We say a minimum of 5-6 main flowers and LOTS of extra foliage/buds to create your keepsake (we ask for this many to ensure the best shape and colour blooms are used in your finished keepsake ) Make sure you include any ribbon or pins as sometimes our artist will include these.

  2. To enhance your orb we like to include lots of foliage, buds, leaves and smaller flowers as well, so please don’t forget to include these when sending us your main flowers.  

  3. Please remember we cannot use all of your flowers, so we will choose the best flowers and foliage for your chosen design, any leftover flowers will be disposed of. Unfortunately, we cannot return any leftover blooms. The final selection of flowers used will be at our designer’s discretion.

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