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About the Company

Blooming Keepsakes founder and head floral designer, Cachelle Davison, has spent the last 4 years researching and exploring all the different techniques, systems, and equipment available around the world that are used in professional floral preservation, it takes time (and a lot of patience) to experiment with flowers and learn what works and what doesn’t. With the help of her team, she now runs one of the most unique and stunning flower preservation companies in Australia. Offering a modern, yet affordable way for her brides to remember their special day.

Unlike most companies that only use one method of flower preservation, research has found that each and every flower preserves differently and so no “one process” is suitable, with a combined preservation process our clients are guaranteed the best possible results. 

Every flower that arrives at Blooming Keepsakes is individually catalogued, photographed, re-hydrated, colour matched and analysed before being gently frozen to below freezing temperatures. What follows is a series of over 40 individual steps and processes, all done by hand, before finally being encapsulated in a stunning crystal-clear resin, giving each bloom a new forever lease on life. 



Join one of the most rewarding and fastest growing bridal businesses in the world as we grow and expand into 2021! Blooming Keepsakes specialises in professional Freeze-Dried Flower Preservation and Resin encapsulation.

We are looking for an enthusiastic all-rounder that is keen to learn the art of flower preservation and build their skills to create one-of-a-kind keepsakes from our brides fresh wedding bouquets.


Personal Business Assistant and All Rounder

-Permanent part time 15-20 hours per week, with potential for full time

You will be trained in all things flower preservation and will be required to learn the art of preservation and resin. This is a very hands-on role with room to grow further within the business. We will take our time to train you up to the superstar we know you can be and so we ask that you only apply if you are serious about growing with us long term. Once fully trained you will spend your time processing flowers, communicating with our clients, mixing & pouring resin, implementing, creating, and planning further business structures and processes.





This includes (but is not limited to) –

  • Monitoring emails and bookings

  • Liaising with clients on orders

  • Implementing new process and business structures

  • Social Media support

  • Collection and processing of Fresh flowers and bouquets

  • Assisting business owner with daily running of the workshop including tidying and cleaning

  • Problem solving and strategy building.

  • Individually photographing, re-hydrating and colour matching flowers

  • Resin mixing and pouring (PPE wearing is mandatory)

  • Wet sanding and polishing

  • Packaging, wrapping and posting completed orders.

You will need to be detail-oriented, have great time management and be comfortable with technology, happy to work independently and loves to be challenged.


  • Must have initiative and be able to make decisions and keep busy.

  • Creativity, patience, and extreme attention to detail.

  • Comfortable and efficient with technology including use of Excel, Outlook, Word.

  • Ability to multitask and keep up with a growing and changing business.

  • Fast ability to learn and adapt.

  • Efficient time management skills.

  • Must have own car and driver’s license.

  • Knowledge or previous experience in the floristry industry is a bonus but not a requirement.

  • Knowledge or previous experience in the bridal industry is a bonus but not a requirement.  


Cairns QLD - this position is not remote.


The most rewarding part about working with Blooming Keepsakes is being able to preserve such beautiful and precious memories for our clients. We are a fast-growing business looking for highly motivated team players to join the journey with us who:

  • Are excited to learn something new and take on many challenges.

  • Are motivated and take pride in their work.

  • Are passionate about all things bridal, floral, or artistry.