Why Choose Us?

The importance of choosing the right professional when thinking about having your flowers preserved is not something you should take lightly. With resin flower preservation becoming one of the fastest growing industries worldwide, it is so important to understand and educate yourself on how to choose the right "professional" for you. 

~  Our Promise To You ~

  •  7+ years of experience handcrafting and perfecting the art of flower preservation

  • Freeze Dried Preservation Method 

  • No translucent petals or browning 

  • The highest quality materials used at every step, including added UV inhibitors. 

  • Restoration and re-shaping of every flower

  • Specially formulated UV protection flood coat to finish and protect the longevity of your pieces. 

  • Minimal bubbles and no micro-bubbles!

  • Minimal pour layer lines (maximum 3 in any one piece) 

  • 1000+ clients in the past 2 years

It is very important to educate yourself on the different preservation methods available for your blooms. Home Artists vs Professional Artists are entirely different. You only have one chance to preserve your blooms; choose your artist wisely.