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The most captivating and unique form of flower preservation on the market, our handmade, solid orbs encapsulate your precious memories in 3D form to last you a lifetime. 

Stunning to have on display or easy to store for anniversaries and special times.

Blooming Keepsakes offers a completely unique, modern and extremely affordable approach to preserving your flowers forever. Each & every orb is hand-made and crafted for each individual client. No two orbs will ever be the same.


We preserve and encapsulate one of a kind pieces out of your special flowers


 Bouquet Preservation

Funeral Tributes

Artificial / Fake Flowers

Button Holes

Memorial / Graduation


Make-Up Brush Sets

Ring Holders

Custom Orders

What We Do
Advanced Technology

Our advanced preservation techniques including the latest dry freeze preservation method which ensures for the best possible results. 


All our clients blooms are handled with the utmost care and respect. 

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It's as Easy as One, Two, Three 

Step One

1. Choose your favourite size keepsake & fill in our online booking form to confirm your spot in our preservation run for that week. We will then send you instructions on how to correctly post your blooms to us along with your deposit invoice. 

Step Two

2. Once your deposit has been received & after your special day or event, express post your flowers to us. Once they arrive at our studio, they will be checked and confirmed, we will then notify you via email of their arrival.

Step Three

3. Go and enjoy your honeymoon or some time off while we preserve & hand craft your stunning flower orb. The preservation process can take anywhere from 20-24 weeks.

  • Flower Preservation
  • Wedding Flower Preservation


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Bookings Available Australia Wide

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